Belle Number 2

Haven’t had a whole lot of time to be stitching but am now working on Belle number 2 on the right hand side.  I have left a gap in the top middle where I want to add a little brown heart shape button of some sort that will hopefully match the leaves quite well.  I also haven’t stitched any of the pom pom on her hat as I would like to get some ‘fluffy’ white thread for that and want something sparkly for the unstitched areas on her scarf and gloves.    As you can see I have left Boo out of the design as my daughter did not want that added so have doctored the wellington boots very slightly to make them the right shape.



Ladybird Fairy by Joan Elliott

Firstly an update on the Alpine Village as I have managed to get about an hour done most mornings before everybody starts making demands on my time.

I received my fabric and my DMC threads for the Ladybird Fairy by Joan Elliott.   Fabric is 28 count Jobelan in antique white from SewandSo (can’t beat them for quick delivery!!) and I got my threads from katzxstitch as her prices are great and delivery is quick too.   Still have some other threads and beads to order but will do that in a few weeks or so.  Couldn’t resist starting a little bit of her hair this morning and still have most of the threads to wind onto bobbins still.  

Back to The Watch

It’s been a while since I did any stitching, infact too long!!  Yesterday I decided to try and get back into the swing of things and sorted out my threads for another kit by Dimensions called Pleasures of Winter.  Unfortunately there are a few threads that don’t have all the lengths required so I have contacted Dimensions and asked if they could be sent out.   In the meantime I decided to get back to ‘The Watch’ and this is where I am at now.   Think I may try and wash out the blue lines later today.  Am a bit concerned that they won’t wash out and don’t want to stitch the whole thing and then find out!!

The Watch

Been a busy week this week and the weather here in Scotland has been yukky for weeks now.  I guess getting nice weather in April was too good to be true and we have paid for it with very high winds and rain since the first week in May.  I hope it doesn’t stay like this for the rest of the summer, although going by recent summers, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did!!  Anyway,  as you can see I have gridded my fabric for stitching The Watch.  The large smudge is thanks to one of my fish deciding to flip it’s tail while I had the lid of the tank open and my frame sitting too close.  Lesson learned lol.    I wasn’t really enjoying stitching this one initially as I found the symbols on the chart didn’t agree with my eyes but since gridding it has been easier to follow.  Hopefully progress will be a bit quicker now. 

Filling In

 Have spent the last few days doing a lot of filling in and the detail is more visible now on the trees and the background.  I am trying hard not start moving further along the picture until I have filled in all the gaps and will work my way across afterwards.  I am not an organised stitcher normally and often dot around all over the place, wherever I decide to go I will work a section of stitches over to that area so I can do something different.   


I have started to stitch another kit called ‘The Watch’ which I think is by DMC.  Lots of nice autumnal colours in it and a mix again of full and half cross stitch.  I like the Stag standing on the edge of the water – almost hidden by the browns and golds of autumn.    have only got a wee bit done but will be good to swap between the two kits  and save any boredom setting in.


Have finally finished the Aurora Cabin.  Lots of lovely french knots for the stars but very effective! 

Went to the SECC in Glasgow to the Creative Crafts and Crafts for Christmas exhibition.  Lots of beautiful things there, mostly paper crafts I have to say.  I am sadly not very good at any of that type of thing but I love looking at it.  I bought two new smaller kits which I will maybe start one of later in the week.   One is from DMC (think it’s called The Watch) and the other is a John Clayton miniature called Woodland Path.

 Main priority however is to get back to the one with the deer.  Whilst I love the Aurora Cabin I won’t be sorry to see the back of all that blue thread for while!!!