Belle Number 2

Haven’t had a whole lot of time to be stitching but am now working on Belle number 2 on the right hand side.  I have left a gap in the top middle where I want to add a little brown heart shape button of some sort that will hopefully match the leaves quite well.  I also haven’t stitched any of the pom pom on her hat as I would like to get some ‘fluffy’ white thread for that and want something sparkly for the unstitched areas on her scarf and gloves.    As you can see I have left Boo out of the design as my daughter did not want that added so have doctored the wellington boots very slightly to make them the right shape.



Long Absence

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted since October last year.  Had some things that needed sorted out on the home front but things are looking good again and I have been stitching a wee bit now and then to get me back into the swing of it.  I bought this kit called Tartan Thistles by Textile Heritage and just finished it yesterday, still to be washed and pressed.  I love the colours in it and am now just looking for a wee frame for it so I can put it up in my bedroom.  I did think about giving this one away to one of my friends but decided I didn’t want to part with it.



I am now stitching a version of a chart I found in Cross Stitcher Magazine (Issue 257) of Belle & Boo.  Will be making a few alterations to it that I will explain as I go along.  If you are familiar with this chart you will see that it is already the opposite way round but all will become clear soon.  I have made a start on some of the leaves and Belle’s mitten and jumper.


It’s good to be back, hopefully have another update during the week.  Take care.

Christmas Bow

A few days late with my update on Candy Cane Santa but here it is at last, a lovely Christmas bow in the corner of the window garland.


We had a busy weekend as we celebrated my 40th birthday early (it was yesterday) and then my husband was called away as his mum is in hospital down in England again.   Before he went away he let me pick a cross stitch kit for my birthday so I ordered an Anchor kit called Winters Sun that I absolutely fell in love with as soon as I saw it. 


With some of my birthday money I took my Aurora Cabin that I stitched last year to the framers so I can finally get it put on my wall.  Ouch £95  but it will be worth it as I really don’t think I could frame that myself.   Should get it back next week so will post a picture when I do.

Purple Haze

Well I had a fantastic weekend in Inverness, meeting with old friends, and making new ones from around the world.  We all came together to see one of our favourite bands and spent several days in each others company before all drifting back to our own corners of the globe.

Since I came back I didn’t really get a chance to stitch till this weekend but as you can see there have been many shades of purple going on.  The colours are stunning and I love the way the combined colours work but with so much of it being half cross stitch I wish there was just a wee bit more coverage of the fabric.  However, I know from previous kits that when everything is stitched it looks fine.    My Candy Cane Santa kit arrived, which has a LOT of black thread included in it.  Really looking forward to starting that one.  Whilst I was in Inverness I bought a small kit with a Scottish theme which I hope to stitch for a friend.  Will put up a picture in my next post. 


99.9% Complete

Almost finished the Woodland Winter – I ran out of the final 2 colours for the outlining on the rest of the trees and some more of the grass tufts but I have ordered them from Dimensions so they should arrive soon and it won’t take more than a few hours to do.  



Question now is what will I put back on my frame next !

A Wee Update on Alpine Village

A hectic week so just a wee update on the Alpine Village.  I have finished the very pale blue in the sky on the left hand side and some of the darker blue and the lovely lilac on the right too.   Have been using a hoop frame rather than my stand so that I can curl up in my chair and stitch.  (It must be a winter thing).  My neighbours have a cat which visits us quite a lot and this week he has realised that I have thread when I work my cross stitch so I keep getting little white paws swiping at my legs, though he is good at stopping when he is told.   As you can see he is rather cute so it is hard to be annoyed with him for long. 

Dimensions Gold Woodland Winter


The last 2 days have been spent almost entirely stitching in blue!   The light hasn’t been very great so have stuck to colours that are easier to tell the difference between.  The greys and grey/blues of the top half of the picture are harder to tell apart so will try and do them when the sun is shining. 

I went to the art store in the city of Glasgow and bought myself a glue gun thinking it would be great for making up cards but so far have had very little success with it.  Anybody else use a glue gun?  Maybe it will come in useful for something else.   Next week it’s back to the Christmas cards as I have quite a few still to make.