Finally Framed

Well the shop called and said that my Aurora Cabin had finally been framed so I went and collected it this week.  Wow, I love it!  It looks amazing and I still love this picture as much now as I did when I first set eyes on it at the craft exhibition several years ago.  Thanks mum for the birthday money that allowed me to get it done. 

I am still stitching the garland round the window on the Candy Cane Santa and it’s looking very festive!   Bought a new floor lamp to sit by my chair so that I can stitch easier at night (just a plain boring old floor lamp) and it’s making such a difference.  Can actually tell the difference between mid green and dark green now hehe.

And one final picture for this update, I got a tattoo for my birthday on my wrist.  It is a tattoo of my children’s initials (one of whom we lost at 8 hours old 17 years ago) so I thought I would let you see that too.  I know not everybody likes tattoos but I have been talking about getting one for several years now and only just got brave enough to do it.  Piccy was taken just an hour after I had it done.





Christmas Bow

A few days late with my update on Candy Cane Santa but here it is at last, a lovely Christmas bow in the corner of the window garland.


We had a busy weekend as we celebrated my 40th birthday early (it was yesterday) and then my husband was called away as his mum is in hospital down in England again.   Before he went away he let me pick a cross stitch kit for my birthday so I ordered an Anchor kit called Winters Sun that I absolutely fell in love with as soon as I saw it. 


With some of my birthday money I took my Aurora Cabin that I stitched last year to the framers so I can finally get it put on my wall.  Ouch £95  but it will be worth it as I really don’t think I could frame that myself.   Should get it back next week so will post a picture when I do.

Christmas Greenery

A quick update today on the garland that will be around the window on Candy Cane Santa.   All stitched in half cross stitch using 4 or 5 threads, some in one colour, others in a combination of 2 colours and starting to look very festive.   Am about to start on a big red bow  that is in the top left hand side of the garland so will update again when I have done some of that. 


Not sure where the blue hue came from in the picture but I took it with my mobile so will blame it on that !


Woodland Winter


Have finally gone back  to stitching Dimensions Woodland Winter over the past couple of days.  Have stitched more of the snow along the bottom and the tree on the right hand side.  I love it when you see another corner of the design appear on the fabric, it seems to give you a psychological boost!    I have also been stitching a couple more Christmas cards but think I need to get a move on as Christmas is creeping up on us too quickly!  

Forecasters are warning of snow on the hills tomorrow here in Scotland so I am guessing the wind is going to be fairly cold if it’s coming down from the north.  Brrrrrrrr.    Think I prefer the stitched snow 🙂


Meery Christmas (yes Meery !)

A Meery Christmas.  Well that is what these cute little characters are supposed to say according to the charts in the current edition of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine.  Here in the Britain we see meercats on the TV repeatedly due to a company using them to promote their website, so I thought these would be received in good humour by the various recipients.  I am not sure whether I will use the proper wording of Merry Christmas instead though.   Have ordered some Kreinik thread for the sparkly bits and some thread heaven to make my life easier.  Have read many times about folks using thread heaven for their metallics but have never tried it (despite stitching all these years!)   

Do I sound crazy if I say it smelled of winter outside today?  I am sure you will know what I mean.  It’s like that moment when you step outside and there is an autumnal smell, you’re not quite sure what it is but you know it when you smell it.  Well that is how it was today, only it didn’t smell of autumn but of winter!   Brrrrrr hope my nose isn’t sensing an early cold spell!!