Belle Number 2

Haven’t had a whole lot of time to be stitching but am now working on Belle number 2 on the right hand side.  I have left a gap in the top middle where I want to add a little brown heart shape button of some sort that will hopefully match the leaves quite well.  I also haven’t stitched any of the pom pom on her hat as I would like to get some ‘fluffy’ white thread for that and want something sparkly for the unstitched areas on her scarf and gloves.    As you can see I have left Boo out of the design as my daughter did not want that added so have doctored the wellington boots very slightly to make them the right shape.



Long Absence

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted since October last year.  Had some things that needed sorted out on the home front but things are looking good again and I have been stitching a wee bit now and then to get me back into the swing of it.  I bought this kit called Tartan Thistles by Textile Heritage and just finished it yesterday, still to be washed and pressed.  I love the colours in it and am now just looking for a wee frame for it so I can put it up in my bedroom.  I did think about giving this one away to one of my friends but decided I didn’t want to part with it.



I am now stitching a version of a chart I found in Cross Stitcher Magazine (Issue 257) of Belle & Boo.  Will be making a few alterations to it that I will explain as I go along.  If you are familiar with this chart you will see that it is already the opposite way round but all will become clear soon.  I have made a start on some of the leaves and Belle’s mitten and jumper.


It’s good to be back, hopefully have another update during the week.  Take care.