Finally Framed

Well the shop called and said that my Aurora Cabin had finally been framed so I went and collected it this week.  Wow, I love it!  It looks amazing and I still love this picture as much now as I did when I first set eyes on it at the craft exhibition several years ago.  Thanks mum for the birthday money that allowed me to get it done. 

I am still stitching the garland round the window on the Candy Cane Santa and it’s looking very festive!   Bought a new floor lamp to sit by my chair so that I can stitch easier at night (just a plain boring old floor lamp) and it’s making such a difference.  Can actually tell the difference between mid green and dark green now hehe.

And one final picture for this update, I got a tattoo for my birthday on my wrist.  It is a tattoo of my children’s initials (one of whom we lost at 8 hours old 17 years ago) so I thought I would let you see that too.  I know not everybody likes tattoos but I have been talking about getting one for several years now and only just got brave enough to do it.  Piccy was taken just an hour after I had it done.





Things Are Getting Rocky

 Have had a few late nights this week to try and make some progress.  Have spent quite some time filling in wee groups of stitches here and there and the rocks that will surround the water are becoming a lot more obvious now.     When I was stitching the trees and the sky previously it was easy to forget that there is quite a bit of this picture actually underneath the cabin too.  I have taken to pinning the picture to the front of the back  of my chair when I go to bed so that in the light of morning I can see it as it would be on a wall.  (must remember not to do that if I ever get a leather sofa!!).  When you are stitching you are working so close to it that you sometimes don’t see the progress that has been made as well as you do when you view it from further away. 

Hubby is going to get me a daylight bulb as the light I use at the moment is hopeless for telling similar colours apart.  Hopefully will mean I can stitch for longer too!  That’s when I’m not still handwashing the clothes.  Fingers crossed I get my washing machine fixed soon!!!



Hitting The Bottom

Time for Aurora Cabin again.  Have finally hit the bottom of the picture in the left hand corner, stitching snow covered rocks.  The white of the snow on top of the rocks in the picture is done with overlay cross stitch.  The initial white cross is stitched as normal and then you stitch another cross on top with the sparkly Kreinik blending filament.   You can’t see the sparkle in the picture but it is lovely when the light catches it.  It’s easier to work with if you use shorter lengths as it can get tied in knots quite easily.  The effect however is really worth the time taken.   It is also used in parts of the aurora itself using an overlay half cross stitch which gives a lovely effect.