Purple Haze

Well I had a fantastic weekend in Inverness, meeting with old friends, and making new ones from around the world.  We all came together to see one of our favourite bands and spent several days in each others company before all drifting back to our own corners of the globe.

Since I came back I didn’t really get a chance to stitch till this weekend but as you can see there have been many shades of purple going on.  The colours are stunning and I love the way the combined colours work but with so much of it being half cross stitch I wish there was just a wee bit more coverage of the fabric.  However, I know from previous kits that when everything is stitched it looks fine.    My Candy Cane Santa kit arrived, which has a LOT of black thread included in it.  Really looking forward to starting that one.  Whilst I was in Inverness I bought a small kit with a Scottish theme which I hope to stitch for a friend.  Will put up a picture in my next post. 



Quick Update

Apologies for the  picture quality but I took it on my mobile phone in poor light.  As you can see I  have made a start on the tree on the left and have reached the top of the picture with some of the sky.  The blending of the colours works really well but unfortunately you can’t see it in this picture.  Will get a decent close up next week with my camera.   I will be up north at an outdoor Runrig concert  this weekend so won’t get any more stitching done till Monday.  Hope you all have a good weekend yourself when it comes.  x  

Pleasures Of Winter

The Pleasures of Winter kit has made an appearance again.  Lots of colour in this kit compared to the Woodland Winter so I am enjoying the change.    Have made a lot of progress with the sky over the past few days, with pale orange, pink and pink/lavender combined.   Trying to resist the temptation to buy yet another Dimensions kit (I am definitely addicted) called Candy Cane Santa but I don’t think my willpower is that great! I feel a visit from my postman coming soon.



99.9% Complete

Almost finished the Woodland Winter – I ran out of the final 2 colours for the outlining on the rest of the trees and some more of the grass tufts but I have ordered them from Dimensions so they should arrive soon and it won’t take more than a few hours to do.  



Question now is what will I put back on my frame next !

It’s Been Too Long

I can’t believe so many months have passed since I last posted.  I stopped stitching pretty soon after I started doing the Ladybird Fairy as I was finding stitching more and more tiring on the eyes and as a sufferer of migraines it just wasn’t being fun anymore.   My eyes are not actually too bad but I think a combination of my glasses not working for me anymore and the light in my livingroom being really very dull didn’t help.   I pick up my new glasses this coming Thursday and when it is my birthday in a few months time (the big 40!) I shall be buying myself a better lamp for my corner of the livingroom. 

This weekend I have started to finish the outlining on Woodland Winter with the help of  a clip on magnifier so hopefully get some finished pictures soon.

I hope you are all having a good summer (if you are in the northern hemisphere).  Here in Scotland it’s been really quite cool and very wet so far but we have a week till the kids go back to school so fingers crossed for some last minute sunshine!


Ladybird Fairy by Joan Elliott

Firstly an update on the Alpine Village as I have managed to get about an hour done most mornings before everybody starts making demands on my time.

I received my fabric and my DMC threads for the Ladybird Fairy by Joan Elliott.   Fabric is 28 count Jobelan in antique white from SewandSo (can’t beat them for quick delivery!!) and I got my threads from katzxstitch as her prices are great and delivery is quick too.   Still have some other threads and beads to order but will do that in a few weeks or so.  Couldn’t resist starting a little bit of her hair this morning and still have most of the threads to wind onto bobbins still.  

Yiotas XStitch

No major changes to my Alpine Village by Yiotas.  Have been mostly filling in the gaps but it is nice to see some green creeping in to depict the trees in the picture.  

I just bought issue 206 of Cross Stitch Collection today as I love the Ladybird Fairy chart in it by Joan Elliott. It’s not a magazine that I buy very often but I had seen a picture of this elsewhere and it jumped right out at me.     Think when pay day arrives on Friday I might just have to start getting some of the threads for this one.    I absolutely love her Fire Goddess in the Ultimate Cross Stitch Collection too but the Ladybird Fairy has won me over!