Dimensions Gold Woodland Winter


The last 2 days have been spent almost entirely stitching in blue!   The light hasn’t been very great so have stuck to colours that are easier to tell the difference between.  The greys and grey/blues of the top half of the picture are harder to tell apart so will try and do them when the sun is shining. 

I went to the art store in the city of Glasgow and bought myself a glue gun thinking it would be great for making up cards but so far have had very little success with it.  Anybody else use a glue gun?  Maybe it will come in useful for something else.   Next week it’s back to the Christmas cards as I have quite a few still to make.


Threads Ordered

This morning I decided to play it safe and ordered Dimensions additional threads for finishing off the deer.   Have mostly been working on the right hand side of the picture for the last few days and can see quite a difference now!  Sometimes when I see the colour combinations close up whilst stitching I wonder what they are going to look like but the overall effect is amazing.  I wonder how long it takes to create one of these designs!?


A short update today as I have been working on the deer for the past few days.  Was thinking about bidding for a Dimensions kit called Sleigh Ride (not the stocking or tree skirt version) on ebay that last night that was sitting at £24,  but this morning when I looked it was already over £60 and ended up selling for about £83!!!   Wayyyy to expensive.  Am glad I already have several kits to keep me busy once I finish this one 🙂

Woodland Winter


Have finally gone back  to stitching Dimensions Woodland Winter over the past couple of days.  Have stitched more of the snow along the bottom and the tree on the right hand side.  I love it when you see another corner of the design appear on the fabric, it seems to give you a psychological boost!    I have also been stitching a couple more Christmas cards but think I need to get a move on as Christmas is creeping up on us too quickly!  

Forecasters are warning of snow on the hills tomorrow here in Scotland so I am guessing the wind is going to be fairly cold if it’s coming down from the north.  Brrrrrrrr.    Think I prefer the stitched snow 🙂

Wee hint of green


A quiet day today, cold damp and windy outside so perfect day for sitting inside stitching!  Managed to get a few hours in but stuck to stitching with darker colours as the light wasn’t good for doing the paler shades in the background.   My poor wee deer are missing a few bits of limb etc due to the thread shortage!   I love the touches of green on either side of the picture, just gives it a wee hint of colour in amongst the different browns and greys of winter.

Thread Shortage

Been distracted by school uniform shopping for the kids and multiple phone calls to the company that provides my parents with their home phone  but still managed to get in quite a few hours of stitching.  There are 3 more deer on the right of this picture and as you can see I have made some progress on 2 of them.  Unfortunately I have run out of one of the colours used for blending and can’t decide whether to try the DMC equivalent or contact Dimensions about it.  (I have stopped stitching in a place where I hope the difference wouldn’t show)  I already emailed them last week regarding the threads that were required for Pleasures of Winter and have received no reply so don’t know if I want to contact them again.   

(Update – received reply from Dimensions that my daft ISP had held on their server as spam but have now found it and my initial missing threads request has been sent out) 

Stitching in the garden

Decided that I would sit out in the garden for part of the afternoon and stitch as it was a lovely day.  I stayed in the shade though as it was fairly bright and I didn’t want to be dazzled by the sun!  Was lovely as the smell of grass and flowers wafted by on the breeze and it was fairly quiet too   No neighbours cutting the grass and no kids screaming blue murder whilst out playing either.  It was not far short of bliss!    Have been doing some filling in on the deer themselves and some of the background and trees.  I washed the fabric of my other kit to see if the blue pen would come out and thankfully it did eventually.  If anybody else uses these pens please note that they say to wash out after 30 days!!