Woodland Path finished

Have had a busy stitching week in the evenings and managed to get this finished this morning.  Looks really effective from a distance.   I also got a small picture that I stitched a while ago for a friend into the framers this week.  I picked it up yesterday but won’t post a picture till I give it to her incase she sees it!!  Quite fancy stitching the same thing for myself at some point though won’t pay a framer to finish it as it’s too expensive if you do a lot.   I really need to look into learning how to make mounts and frames myself at some point!!!  Spring is definitely in the air this week – was almost 16 degrees one day this week and we have had some lovely sunshine which I made the most of and headed out to tidy up the garden.   Wonder what to stitch next …


On The Right Path

Having woken up at 6.30 am the last few mornings I decided to get up and use the light at the front of the house to stitch.    I love the yellow colours in the lower half of this picture and the mix of yellow/bright green that is used to the side of the path.  It makes it such a cheerful picture.    I have to admit that when I first saw that the path was stitched in white I thought that it must be a mistake but it turned out great.

I have been looking at a recently purchased magazine called “Cross Stitch Card Shop” which has some small Fairy designs in it (Issue 77) and was thinking about stitching some of them to make more grown up equivalents of birth samplers for my girls.  It is something I never did when they were wee (they are now 15 and 12) and think these are quite cute.   I will take elements of the designs and put them together to try and come up with what I want.    I also rather like the cute bunny kit that came with it so think I might stitch that after I finish this one.

I like the size of this John Clayton design – because it’s small (13 cm/5 inches square) you see results quickly.  I love doing my bigger Dimensions kits but it’s nice to see things progress quickly in these kits.  I can see me doing a few of them before going back to my Woodland Winter kit !

Nearly halfway?

For the moment we would appear to have a working internet connection so I thought I would get this picture up incase we lose it again!!  As you can see I am making fairly good progress.  There are a few colours that are blended which gives a nice graduated change between greens etc.  On the brown of the tree in the background I have completed some of the half stitches on the trunk area.   I think I am about halfway done now or thereabouts and hopefully I will get some more done maybe on Thursday and at the weekend.