Back to The Watch

It’s been a while since I did any stitching, infact too long!!  Yesterday I decided to try and get back into the swing of things and sorted out my threads for another kit by Dimensions called Pleasures of Winter.  Unfortunately there are a few threads that don’t have all the lengths required so I have contacted Dimensions and asked if they could be sent out.   In the meantime I decided to get back to ‘The Watch’ and this is where I am at now.   Think I may try and wash out the blue lines later today.  Am a bit concerned that they won’t wash out and don’t want to stitch the whole thing and then find out!!


The Watch

Been a busy week this week and the weather here in Scotland has been yukky for weeks now.  I guess getting nice weather in April was too good to be true and we have paid for it with very high winds and rain since the first week in May.  I hope it doesn’t stay like this for the rest of the summer, although going by recent summers, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did!!  Anyway,  as you can see I have gridded my fabric for stitching The Watch.  The large smudge is thanks to one of my fish deciding to flip it’s tail while I had the lid of the tank open and my frame sitting too close.  Lesson learned lol.    I wasn’t really enjoying stitching this one initially as I found the symbols on the chart didn’t agree with my eyes but since gridding it has been easier to follow.  Hopefully progress will be a bit quicker now. 

Filling In

 Have spent the last few days doing a lot of filling in and the detail is more visible now on the trees and the background.  I am trying hard not start moving further along the picture until I have filled in all the gaps and will work my way across afterwards.  I am not an organised stitcher normally and often dot around all over the place, wherever I decide to go I will work a section of stitches over to that area so I can do something different.   


I have started to stitch another kit called ‘The Watch’ which I think is by DMC.  Lots of nice autumnal colours in it and a mix again of full and half cross stitch.  I like the Stag standing on the edge of the water – almost hidden by the browns and golds of autumn.    have only got a wee bit done but will be good to swap between the two kits  and save any boredom setting in.