Long Absence

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted since October last year.  Had some things that needed sorted out on the home front but things are looking good again and I have been stitching a wee bit now and then to get me back into the swing of it.  I bought this kit called Tartan Thistles by Textile Heritage and just finished it yesterday, still to be washed and pressed.  I love the colours in it and am now just looking for a wee frame for it so I can put it up in my bedroom.  I did think about giving this one away to one of my friends but decided I didn’t want to part with it.



I am now stitching a version of a chart I found in Cross Stitcher Magazine (Issue 257) of Belle & Boo.  Will be making a few alterations to it that I will explain as I go along.  If you are familiar with this chart you will see that it is already the opposite way round but all will become clear soon.  I have made a start on some of the leaves and Belle’s mitten and jumper.


It’s good to be back, hopefully have another update during the week.  Take care.


A Wee Update on Alpine Village

A hectic week so just a wee update on the Alpine Village.  I have finished the very pale blue in the sky on the left hand side and some of the darker blue and the lovely lilac on the right too.   Have been using a hoop frame rather than my stand so that I can curl up in my chair and stitch.  (It must be a winter thing).  My neighbours have a cat which visits us quite a lot and this week he has realised that I have thread when I work my cross stitch so I keep getting little white paws swiping at my legs, though he is good at stopping when he is told.   As you can see he is rather cute so it is hard to be annoyed with him for long. 

Threads Ordered

This morning I decided to play it safe and ordered Dimensions additional threads for finishing off the deer.   Have mostly been working on the right hand side of the picture for the last few days and can see quite a difference now!  Sometimes when I see the colour combinations close up whilst stitching I wonder what they are going to look like but the overall effect is amazing.  I wonder how long it takes to create one of these designs!?

Woodland Winter


Have finally gone back  to stitching Dimensions Woodland Winter over the past couple of days.  Have stitched more of the snow along the bottom and the tree on the right hand side.  I love it when you see another corner of the design appear on the fabric, it seems to give you a psychological boost!    I have also been stitching a couple more Christmas cards but think I need to get a move on as Christmas is creeping up on us too quickly!  

Forecasters are warning of snow on the hills tomorrow here in Scotland so I am guessing the wind is going to be fairly cold if it’s coming down from the north.  Brrrrrrrr.    Think I prefer the stitched snow 🙂

Meery Christmas (yes Meery !)

A Meery Christmas.  Well that is what these cute little characters are supposed to say according to the charts in the current edition of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine.  Here in the Britain we see meercats on the TV repeatedly due to a company using them to promote their website, so I thought these would be received in good humour by the various recipients.  I am not sure whether I will use the proper wording of Merry Christmas instead though.   Have ordered some Kreinik thread for the sparkly bits and some thread heaven to make my life easier.  Have read many times about folks using thread heaven for their metallics but have never tried it (despite stitching all these years!)   

Do I sound crazy if I say it smelled of winter outside today?  I am sure you will know what I mean.  It’s like that moment when you step outside and there is an autumnal smell, you’re not quite sure what it is but you know it when you smell it.  Well that is how it was today, only it didn’t smell of autumn but of winter!   Brrrrrr hope my nose isn’t sensing an early cold spell!! 


Stitched this quite a while ago for a friend when she was intending to move permanently to the Isle of Skye.  The move however did not go ahead and I never got the picture framed, filing it away in the hope that I would be able to give it to her at a later date.  This year I decided to give it to her for her birthday and finally (5 months AFTER her birthday due to life getting in the way) she took delivery of the finished product.   Looks nice sitting on her mantlepiece for now.