Sometimes you learn the hard way and end up with your dinner on your stitching!  Had to re-stitch my meerkats so thought I would do a small update now that they are in the cards.   Still to add some details to the cards themselves but they look cute  already. 


Meery Christmas (yes Meery !)

A Meery Christmas.  Well that is what these cute little characters are supposed to say according to the charts in the current edition of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine.  Here in the Britain we see meercats on the TV repeatedly due to a company using them to promote their website, so I thought these would be received in good humour by the various recipients.  I am not sure whether I will use the proper wording of Merry Christmas instead though.   Have ordered some Kreinik thread for the sparkly bits and some thread heaven to make my life easier.  Have read many times about folks using thread heaven for their metallics but have never tried it (despite stitching all these years!)   

Do I sound crazy if I say it smelled of winter outside today?  I am sure you will know what I mean.  It’s like that moment when you step outside and there is an autumnal smell, you’re not quite sure what it is but you know it when you smell it.  Well that is how it was today, only it didn’t smell of autumn but of winter!   Brrrrrr hope my nose isn’t sensing an early cold spell!! 

Christmas Church

Another little Christmas card.  Thought this one was really cute.  I love the hint of little stained glass windows and the Christmas tree outide the door.   Think I better go back to stitching one of my larger projects soon – am getting to like stitching the smaller ones too much!!

First card for 2011

Well here is the finished stitching for my first Christmas card of the year, complete with red beads on the wreath and greenery around the door.  I am not going to buy the aperature cards till later in the year so will pop them in a wee folder for now.  Started stitching a little Christmassy church today but thought I also better actually do some housework and ironing before I get charged with neglect!    Decided that I didn’t like the birth sampler type picture I was going to stitch for daughters.  Think I will end up buying something ‘off the shelf’ rather than trying to make it up from bits of other designs.