Finally Framed

Well the shop called and said that my Aurora Cabin had finally been framed so I went and collected it this week.  Wow, I love it!  It looks amazing and I still love this picture as much now as I did when I first set eyes on it at the craft exhibition several years ago.  Thanks mum for the birthday money that allowed me to get it done. 

I am still stitching the garland round the window on the Candy Cane Santa and it’s looking very festive!   Bought a new floor lamp to sit by my chair so that I can stitch easier at night (just a plain boring old floor lamp) and it’s making such a difference.  Can actually tell the difference between mid green and dark green now hehe.

And one final picture for this update, I got a tattoo for my birthday on my wrist.  It is a tattoo of my children’s initials (one of whom we lost at 8 hours old 17 years ago) so I thought I would let you see that too.  I know not everybody likes tattoos but I have been talking about getting one for several years now and only just got brave enough to do it.  Piccy was taken just an hour after I had it done.






Have finally finished the Aurora Cabin.  Lots of lovely french knots for the stars but very effective! 

Went to the SECC in Glasgow to the Creative Crafts and Crafts for Christmas exhibition.  Lots of beautiful things there, mostly paper crafts I have to say.  I am sadly not very good at any of that type of thing but I love looking at it.  I bought two new smaller kits which I will maybe start one of later in the week.   One is from DMC (think it’s called The Watch) and the other is a John Clayton miniature called Woodland Path.

 Main priority however is to get back to the one with the deer.  Whilst I love the Aurora Cabin I won’t be sorry to see the back of all that blue thread for while!!!

New Stand

Well winter has been making a good attempt at saying hello to Scotland with snow falling in some areas a few nights ago.  Thankfully none here but if the predictions are right might be another cold winter this year again! 

Anyway after much deliberation I went ahead and ordered my stand and it arrived on Tuesday.  Didn’t get an opportunity to use it till last night but I think I will find it much easier to stitch with than holding the frame as I was previously.  I bought the helping hand to go with it so that I can scroll the fabric up and down as required otherwise I think it could be a bit of a pain in the bahookie!!  A few adjustments to get the height and angle right and I think and I will be very happy with it.  The magnetic areas for holding your needles and scissors etc very handy indeed!

Still undecided about whether I prefer the daylight bulb though – the colours are better and my eyes didn’t feel as strained after a few hours use  but not sure whether I like it or not – time will tell.



The reflections and water at the bottom of the aurora cabin are well on the way to being completed now, and are looking great.  Not so happy with some of my stitching on it I have to admit – the white and one of the paler blues don’t seem to sit so well but I will live with that.  When the whole thing is finished it probably won’t even be noticeable.   Am looking forward at the end to doing the stars and the outlining on the cabin as it will bring the whole picture to life. 

I have to say that the cross stitching  forum that I am on is a wonderful place for support when you are stitching.  It is great to be able to share your ups and downs and those of other stitchers.  A very friendly place and some of the designs/kits that people are stitching are simply amazing.    Sadly few of my friends share an interest for cross stitch so it is great to share with like minded folks online.   What did we ever do before the internet??  (more stitching??)




It was my birthday yesterday and the kids kindly put the candles on the cake to remind me that I am no longer 21 years of age, infact I am heading for the big 40 in a few years and I don’t like the thought of that one little bit!!   However, I got some pennies for my birthday so am now trying to decide whether to buy a couple of cross stitch kits or whether to get one kit and get an Elbessee Posilock floor stand and a helping hand to hold my frames.   Decisions decisions!!!

Not had huge amounts of time for stitching the last few days. I went out to finish clearing the garden of all the dead flowers and all the leaves that have fallen in the last few days.  As you will all be aware this is a never ending  job at this time of year.  The garden now looks very bare indeed.  It had been really quite colourful this year with most things grown from seed. 

As for the Aurora Cabin there are quite a lot of new blue areas at the bottom of the picture now, along with some more colour in the large stones on the right hand side and some of the gaps around the bottom of the trees on the right and one of the trunks filled in.   

I also made a start on a very small picture this morning of some flowers in a vase  with lovely shades of blue/purple and green.  Will post an update on that when there is more to show.





Aurora Cabin

Strange thing the human brain.  I started my deer picture to give me a break from this one, and since then have wanted to stitch this even more.   Ach well, it’s all good.  Have made more progress on the rocks, the reflections and down the right hand side. 

My wee lamp for stitching at night went kapoot yesterday so got no stitching done.  Sent hubby off to Argos to get a wee cheap one this morning and it’s better than the previous one and will also take daylight bulbs so I will be ordering some from sewandso sometime soon. 

Finally, my washing machine man came today at long last.  Motor needs a new part so  hopefully will be up and running again on Wednesday or Thursday.  My arms are knackered from handwashing already!! 



Things Are Getting Rocky

 Have had a few late nights this week to try and make some progress.  Have spent quite some time filling in wee groups of stitches here and there and the rocks that will surround the water are becoming a lot more obvious now.     When I was stitching the trees and the sky previously it was easy to forget that there is quite a bit of this picture actually underneath the cabin too.  I have taken to pinning the picture to the front of the back  of my chair when I go to bed so that in the light of morning I can see it as it would be on a wall.  (must remember not to do that if I ever get a leather sofa!!).  When you are stitching you are working so close to it that you sometimes don’t see the progress that has been made as well as you do when you view it from further away. 

Hubby is going to get me a daylight bulb as the light I use at the moment is hopeless for telling similar colours apart.  Hopefully will mean I can stitch for longer too!  That’s when I’m not still handwashing the clothes.  Fingers crossed I get my washing machine fixed soon!!!



A hint of a bridge

Got a good few hours (or more) of stitching in since the last picture was taken.   A wee bridge appearing on the right hand side along with snow under the trees and some of the trunks too.  Have also filled in some more of the tree on the far right hand side but the light wasn’t good today so will leave that for a day when the sun is shining on my chair!  The various blends of blue in the trees make it quite hard to follow where you are going (with my eyesight it is anyway)  so have stuck to areas that are easy to follow today.   Picture taken in bedroom light so colours look different in picture, the fabric is a grey/blue colour in reality.