Ladybird Fairy by Joan Elliott

Firstly an update on the Alpine Village as I have managed to get about an hour done most mornings before everybody starts making demands on my time.

I received my fabric and my DMC threads for the Ladybird Fairy by Joan Elliott.   Fabric is 28 count Jobelan in antique white from SewandSo (can’t beat them for quick delivery!!) and I got my threads from katzxstitch as her prices are great and delivery is quick too.   Still have some other threads and beads to order but will do that in a few weeks or so.  Couldn’t resist starting a little bit of her hair this morning and still have most of the threads to wind onto bobbins still.  


Yiotas XStitch

No major changes to my Alpine Village by Yiotas.  Have been mostly filling in the gaps but it is nice to see some green creeping in to depict the trees in the picture.  

I just bought issue 206 of Cross Stitch Collection today as I love the Ladybird Fairy chart in it by Joan Elliott. It’s not a magazine that I buy very often but I had seen a picture of this elsewhere and it jumped right out at me.     Think when pay day arrives on Friday I might just have to start getting some of the threads for this one.    I absolutely love her Fire Goddess in the Ultimate Cross Stitch Collection too but the Ladybird Fairy has won me over!

A Wee Update on Alpine Village

A hectic week so just a wee update on the Alpine Village.  I have finished the very pale blue in the sky on the left hand side and some of the darker blue and the lovely lilac on the right too.   Have been using a hoop frame rather than my stand so that I can curl up in my chair and stitch.  (It must be a winter thing).  My neighbours have a cat which visits us quite a lot and this week he has realised that I have thread when I work my cross stitch so I keep getting little white paws swiping at my legs, though he is good at stopping when he is told.   As you can see he is rather cute so it is hard to be annoyed with him for long. 

2012 Stitching

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you all had a lovely festive season and that the return to work/school etc hasn’t been too painful.  Kids went back at school last Monday and hubby is slowly on the mend with a trapped nerve in his shoulder so hopefully get a bit more stitchy time again!   I started doing a review of a kit by Yiotas Xstitch last year which I have returned to stitching over the past 2 days.  Their website has a lot of different kits but of all the cross stitch kits they have I thought this one, although still scenic was very different to what I normally stitch.   I am stitching an area of sky at the moment with blues and lilacs.  Very pretty colours.

I never did get round to finishing all the outlining on Woodland Winter but I will do a little bit of that as and when I can and will post a picture up once it is completely finished.

Alpine Village and Christmas

Not as much progress as I would have liked on the Alpine Village from Yiotas cross stitch kits due to an awful migraine this week.  (You know things are bad when the slight wobble of your frame gives you motion sickness lol) but I now almost have a bridge and more detail on the building on the left.  The colours in the sky are so much nicer in real life than they are on the picture on the kit.   Also the colour under the bridge looks nothing like it does on the picture either – so I am hoping I have used the right one lol!   

I put my first order in for my aperture cards from Craft Creations,  different sized aperture cards and another style  (not shown) with a narrow deckled front panel.  I meant to order my lettering for the front of the cards too but forgot so will need to make another order sometime soon.  Craft Creations do the Merry Christmas lettering in Scottish Gaelic which I need for some of my card recipients!!  Not sure how many Christmas cards I will stitch but my mum likes meercats and one of this months magazines has meercat Christmas Cards in it so will stitch her one of those!    Would like to find some with a Scottish theme  so will need to hit google and search for some! 

Going back to stitching the deer next week

Small Update

It’s been one of those weeks when there is lots to do but you seem to get nothing done lol.  Anyway as I am overdue for an update I thought I better get a picture  of what I have stitched so far on the Alpine Village.  The madeira threads are lovely to work with but there is not enough detail yet to see how the picture is going to look.   Next week should be much better for getting some stitchy time in.  On Monday we are supposed to be getting high winds from the remnants of hurricane Katia going over Scotland so that will be a good day to stay indoors and stitch! 


Alpine Village

A new kit arrived through the letterbox yesterday from a company called Yiotas Xstitch.  I will be reviewing this kit as I stitch it, along with pictures of my progess.  This company sells a wide variety of cross stitch kits.  This is the first time I will be stitching something from them and I chose the Alpine Village to review as I was looking for something scenic but without all the trees that I have been stitching recently!

Here is the front cover of the kit itself

and here are the threads for it – all pre wound onto bobbins for you to make life much simpler.  The box is my own (a freebie from a magazine several years ago lol)

I have stitched a small part of the kit last night but not enough to show here yet, should have enough done on Sunday for a wee update then.  The chart itself is very clear and is a good size so no problems trying to see any of the symbols.