Christmas Bow

A few days late with my update on Candy Cane Santa but here it is at last, a lovely Christmas bow in the corner of the window garland.


We had a busy weekend as we celebrated my 40th birthday early (it was yesterday) and then my husband was called away as his mum is in hospital down in England again.   Before he went away he let me pick a cross stitch kit for my birthday so I ordered an Anchor kit called Winters Sun that I absolutely fell in love with as soon as I saw it. 


With some of my birthday money I took my Aurora Cabin that I stitched last year to the framers so I can finally get it put on my wall.  Ouch £95  but it will be worth it as I really don’t think I could frame that myself.   Should get it back next week so will post a picture when I do.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Bow

  1. Love the colours in the christmas piece and your new kit, can’t wait to see more progress! As someone who loves christmas it’s fun to watch festive pieces come together over time.

  2. Hope you had a very Happy Birthday! Love that new kit! And fantastic work on Candy Cane Santa. Can’t wait to see how your Cabin looks framed too.

  3. A belated Happy Birthday to you =)
    I hope you will have a wonderful year full of joy, health and stitches 😉
    The kit you picked is so lovely, the sky in addition with the trees looks breathtaking! =)
    I’m sure Cabin will look wonderful when it’s framed =)

    Great progress on your Candy Cane Santa =)

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